Below is a range of tips and tools to help you reach your fundraising goal on the Variety Bash. We know that the fundraising experience is just as rewarding as the Variety Bash experience – especially when you get to see your fundraising efforts in action making a real difference for the Aussie kids in need you’ll get to meet along the way at the school visits.

Tips to get started

1. Learn about Variety

Get informed about Variety – the Children’s Charity and our work. The more you know the easier you’ll find it to ask for support.

Variety’s mission is to help these children attain their full potential regardless of ability or background. Variety’s work allows children to gain mobility and freedom, to get out and about in the community, be able to communicate, achieve independence and increase self-esteem.

The synonym for Variety is diversity and it is this diversity that sets Variety apart.  Unlike many organisations, Variety does not just focus on one type of illness or background, we help a diverse range of children who are sick, disadvantaged or who live with special needs.

To find out more about Variety, click on the fundraising tool ‘Talking points’ below.

2. Online Fundraising

When registering for the Variety Bash you are automatically set up with an online fundraising page which your friends, family and colleagues can use to make direct online donations towards your fundraising target.

It’s simple to use, easy to track and your supporters receive automated tax deductible receipts for their donation.

Personalising your page is more effective and makes a bigger impression on your supporters. Here’s some tips to get started:

  • Write a personal message about why your team is doing the Variety Bash
  • Upload a profile photo of your team
  • Make the first donation yourself to set the tone and encourage your friends to follow
  • Post your page link to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Instagram page(s)
  • Send an email to your network explaining what you’re doing.

3. Hold an event

There are many different fundraising events that you could organise to reach your fundraising goal, here are a few ideas:

  • Trivia night
  • Morning tea
  • Golf day
  • Movie night
  • Garage sale
  • Car wash
  • Dinner party

Think about how you can make your event different with themes and activities. Contact friends and/or businesses to see if they can donate items for you to use. Don’t forget when you’re holding an event there are lots of other creative ways to make additional funds. Encourage people to bribe you for trivia answers, make up movie snack bags for people to purchase,  golfers can give a kickback to skip a hole.

4. Get your workplace involved

Many companies have Employee Matched Funding programs which match some/all of an employee’s charity fundraising efforts. Ask your HR department or manager, and even if they don’t actually have a program they may make a donation to support your participation in The Variety Bash.

Variety can help with any information they require or with any paperwork. We can also provide a certificate, tax deductible receipt and thank them directly if you let us know.

Even without a matched funding program, your workplace can still support you. See if you can hold a fundraiser at work such as a bake sale, casual day, or a BBQ.

5. Ask us for help

We know it can be daunting to ask people to support you. You don’t want to pester or annoy people and may even feel anxious about it.

Don’t worry. You’re actually demonstrating that you are compassionate and caring and are doing something to help those less fortunate than you.

Those who want to help you will and those who don’t want to won’t. It’s really as cut and dried as that. Nobody will think less of you – they probably have other charitable commitments they already support instead. But Australians are good natured and you’ll be surprised how generous they can be.

If you’re having any difficulties reaching your fundraising goal, just get in touch with the Variety Bash team and we’d be happy to help you.


Bashers must label their events as ‘an event supporting Variety – the Children’s Charity’ rather than labelling it as a Variety event. Your car number must be the predominant feature in the title of all marketing material e.g. CAR NO. 999 raising funds for the Variety B to B Bash.

The logo block should be used in all fundraising promotions. You may use the generic Variety Bash logo or the year specific Bash logo available for download below.





Talking Points

When you talk to donors about the work that Variety does, it’s important to get the facts straight. We’ve prepared a few fun facts about Variety which you can share, spreading the message about Variety’s work for Aussie kids in need.

  1. Variety provides tangible equipment and services essential to children’s needs, enabling them to live, laugh and learn.
  2. Variety does not just focus on one type of illness or background, they help a diverse range of children who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs.
  3. Variety helps children and their families who often ‘fall through the cracks’ and can’t get assistance elsewhere
  4. Every dollar raised in Australia, stays in the country, helping Aussie kids in need
  5. Variety keeps administration costs below 15% to ensure that funds go to where they’re needed most

Here are just some ways your fundraising can help a child in need:

$1,200 can help provide nutritional feeds to a child who is struggling to maintain the required level of nutrition orally.

$2,000 can go towards the cost of sensory equipment to help develop a child’s communication, and motor skills.

$3,500 can help supply a wig to a child who has lost their hair due to a medical condition.

$9,000 can help provide a manual wheelchair to give a child greater mobility.

$10,000 can go towards the cost of wheelchair vehicle modifications to a family car allowing them to safely transport a child with greater ease.

$15,000 can help contribute to playground equipment to a school or organisation, allowing kids to harness their energy and have some fun.

Banners and Posters

A2 Poster can be downloaded here 

Download file to USB and take to Office Works for printing.

We have a range of large banners, flags and materials which you are welcome to borrow for fundraising events. Please contact the Variety Bash office on 02 9819 1016 to see what is available.




Below are a selection of videos about Variety and children who have been assisted thanks to donors and fundraisers like you. Share the videos with your networks to spread your fundraising message and thank your donors.




How your Fundraising helps

When you donate your money or time, you want to make sure the people who need it most are receiving it.

We’re happy to say that all of the net funds raised by Variety – the Children’s Charity are spent on our core programs. Variety NSW currently has three core programs— Freedom, Future Kids and Caring for Kids—and it’s through these programs that we deliver a unique range of goods and services to support the specific needs of children, across a diverse spectrum of physical, emotional and financial needs.

Variety provides grants to individuals and organisations for a great number of items such as special wheelchairs, communication devices, wheelchair vehicle modifications, special play equipment, Liberty Swings, Sunshine Coaches and much more.

All purchases and grants for equipment and services are made directly by Variety to ensure that every dollar gets through to where it is needed most.

Watch the story of the Variety B to B Bash visiting Wee Jasper School which educates 11 kids! The fundraising from the Bashers gave these kids more than just bikes, it gave them a tool to harness their energy, play together outside and most of all, enjoy simply being a kid.


Fundraising Awards

Fundraising Amounts
The Variety Trophy (Individual entry)
The Sheridan Trophy (Individual entry)
The Brut 33 Half Cup (Individual entry)
The Full Cup (Individual entry)
The Catherine Trophy (Team of two or more cars that are themed together), Platinum Tray Award (Team or Individual entry)
Platinum Tray Award (Team or Individual Entry)
Highest individual fundraising car
Chairman's Trophy
Highest (non-corporate) fundraising team car
Chief Barker's Trophy
Highest corporate fundraising team car
B to B Cup